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Decision-Making Tools

The Blitz


Every company has projects that are failing, or systemic problems that are blocking success.

Tyra's Blitz process is focused on addressing big problems to identify the best short and long term solutions. At the heart of a Blitz is up to 5 days of intensive activity that brings together Blitz experts with the experts and business champions in your organization. The team, removed from their day-to-day responsibilities, engages to:

  • fully understand the problem,
  • identify factors, impacts and opportunities,
  • recommend and test solutions, and
  • create an action plan to move the organization forward.

The Blitz process is structured to enable the group to fully explore, address and solve a meaningful business question. The process of engagement combined with external industry experts and careful facilitation means that unique ideas and viewpoints can be explored and a fully considered approach developed.

A Blitz is especially effective at addressing strategic questions that would normally take a substantial amount of time to complete. It is also well suited to address persistent business problems with ingrained responses from stakeholders that prevent effective solutions from being developed.

The Blitz Process

Session 1 - Explore

The Blitz team prepares and explores all aspects of the problem space. Time is spent understanding why the problem exists, changes in the future that will impact a solution, potential unintended consequences and short term vs long term focus for developing lasting solutions.

Session 2 - Evaluate
Session 3 - Propose
Session 4 - Test
Session 5 - Finalize