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Engaging the Organization


How do you know that your team, group, or organization is making effective decisions that will maximize business value and deliver good business outcomes?

A good decision process combined with skilled practitioners is a critical component of all business activities and a large determinant of business success.   

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Tyra’s one-day Decision Mastery Workshop is lead by highly experienced specialists in decision making practice and theory. Through engaging discussion and exploration, they provide your team with the knowledge and motivation to improve decision making and decision execution to deliver better group and business outcomes.

A morning of education and an afternoon of discovery and application guide attendees to identify processes that align corporate decisions with your corporate strategy in a way that is compatible with your organization’s culture.

The Decision Mastery Workshop moves beyond evaluation to the creation of an effective, executable action plan. The outcome is an understanding of solid decision-making processes that will give your company the edge it needs to succeed in a highly competitive environment.

Unlike workshops that provide theory but no substance, Tyra’s Decision Mastery Workshop delivers customizable training and an outcome that can improve all aspects of your operations. We bring the tools and processes that enable your people to execute effective and strategic decision-making.

Decision Mastery Workshop Modules

Decision Making: Definition, Context and Approaches

Explore decisions and decision making.  Understand the context that surrounds decision-making.  Explore the roles that decisions play in the organization and the different styles of decision-making.

The Four Horsemen of Bad Decision-Making
Effective Decision Making : The Good and The Bad
Company Culture and Decision Processes
Making Good Decisions
Good Decision-Making Organizations
Open Discussion and Creation of an Action Plan