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Engaging the Organization


Many factors shape an organization’s ethical practices.  Maintaining an ethical organization is more than just enforcement of a Code of Conduct.  It requires alignment of corporate culture, governance, practices, policies, and individual behavior.  Beyond that, it requires that all employees understand ethics and how individuals make ethical or unethical decisions. 

In today’s rapid and ever-changing business environment it is not practical to codify all unethical or ethically questionable behavior.  Instead, an understanding of how people make decisions, combined with proper cultural and governance support structures gives employees the tools needed to make the best possible ethical decisions in any business situation.

Of critical importance when addressing corporate ethics is the realization that the important consideration for an organization is not the ethics of their employees, but the ethical decisions that they make.  While one wants employees that have integrity and are aligned with corporate ethics, it is ethical decisions that are visible and affect an organization’s legal and social standing.

Tyra’s Ethical Decision-Making Workshop provides an understanding of the factors involved when employees make decisions with ethical ramifications.  It explores the human, cultural and operational factors that an organization must address to create an ethical foundation that supports employees, allows them to work within the ethical framework of the organization, and reduces the risk of ethical breaches.  Building on this information, participants are engaged to create an action plan structured to refine the organization’s ethical foundation and support better, more ethical, decision making.

Unlike courses that attempt to enumerate ethical behavior, Tyra's Ethical Decision-Making Workshop provides an understanding of human, social and corporate factors that affect ethical decision-making within the corporate environment.  This understanding provides the foundation for the creation of an organizational framework that enables individuals, from senior management to employees, to make the right ethical decisions in a changing business environment.

Ethical Decision-Making Workshop Topics

The Link between Ethics and Corporate Decision Making

Ethical people can make unethical decisions that have large impacts on the legal and social standing of an organization.  This section looks at what leads ethical people to make unethical decisions.

The Dimensions and Complexity of Ethics
Ethics in the Context of the Organization
The Ethical Hierarchy
Ethical Decision Making
Ethical Risk Assessment
Building an Ethical Foundation
Creating an Ethical Management Framework
Bringing It All Together