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Engaging the Organization


Governance is about how we work together and empower the organization to get things done.

Tyra’s Governance Workshop, led by highly experienced specialists in governance and behavioural theory, engage your team through discussion and exploration, to provide an understanding of how individuals and groups interact to deliver business value.

A morning of education and an afternoon of discovery and application lead participants to identify the best alignment of governance with your business environment and strategic vision to deliver the desired outcomes.

The workshop gives your team a working understanding of governance. It explains the importance of clarity in roles, responsibilities and authorities, and shows how to build a unifying strategic vision that will improve decision making and achieve good business outcomes. It explores the interrelationships between corporate culture, the business environment and governance to provide insights into the power that aligning these factors has on organizational success.

The Tyra Governance Workshop builds a practical understanding and application of governance for you and your organization, whether its a for-profit or not-for-profit company, or a public agency. It gives your team the skill to create a good governance environment and then execute within that environment to deliver real business value.

Governance Workshop Topics

Why Care About Governance?

Why is governance important to an organization?

The Definition of Governance and Good Governance
Traditional Governance
Behavioural Governance
Governance in Companies
Building a Shared Strategic Vision
Good Governance and Good Decision Making
Governance and Corporate Culture
Bringing It All Together