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The Ethical Environment Auditis now available to help organizations manage ethical risk. 


Tyra now has a YouTube channel.  Here we will take a look at decision making in an informal but informational manner.  You can listen to experts discuss timely and critical aspects of


The Strategic Project Management Course now provides downloadable audio transcripts of all course modules.


The article "Of Google, Groupthink and the Culture of Decision-Making is being featured on HRVoice.

HRVoice is the online information newsletter of CPHRBC.


Tyra Online is our new interactive web training site that is focused on providing business expertize to all business areas affected by decision making.

We have released a number of free


Industry News and Views

This Harvard Business Review paper explores the governance issue of how to decide how and where to decentralize decision making.

This article in Harvard Business Review looks at why many companies struggle to develop and execute strategy.  It then provides suggestions to improve strategy execution.

Review the differences and relationships between AI, machine learning, and deep learning.

Blockchains are enabling the convergence of other disruptive technologies such as AI, IOT, 3D Printing to present opportunities across a number of industry

Innovation is killed by team members that have myopic internally-focused views. They are keepers of the status quo and rewarded for not taking risks. Without open-minded exploration, possible


With driverless cars and autonomous vehicles looming in the near future, the conversation surrounding transportation is shifting away from personal vehicles and towards shared services and

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